The world’s most expensive camera

May 29, 2012



If you’re interested in photography you probably know that Leica manufactures the best cameras and lenses, and also the most expensive.

What you may not know is that the world’s most expensive camera is a prototype Leica 35mm film camera sold for €2.16 million just a couple of weeks ago.

Leica 0-series via Luxury Launches

This prototype, also known as the 0-series, is one of the 25 cameras produced in 1923 for testing, and from which only 12 have survived up to this day. The camera was sold at the WestLicht Photographica auction in Vienna, with a starting bid at €300,000 and reaching €2.16 in less than 5 minutes.

Leica is known for its high end cameras and special editions. The German manufacturer has already launched three limited editions of luxury cameras created with the collaboration of French fashion house Hermès. The latest of these collaborations was just presented a couple of days before one of its cameras became the most expensive camera in the world.

Leica M9-P Edition Hermes via Hypebeast

The Leica M9-P “Edition Hermès” presents a calfskin leather body in ochre, supplied by the Parisian house. This supple leather is also used for the shoulder strap included in the set.

The camera is offered in two different sets, with either a single lens or three lenses. Only 300 units of the one lens set will be available from June 2012 while the three lenses set will be a strictly limited edition of 100 cameras.

Thinking of buying this beauty? The three lenses set is available from July 2012 and will “only” cost $50,000.

What are your thoughts on the world’s most expensive camera? Would you spend $50,000 on a camera? Let us know in the comments section below!


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