New advertising guidelines for broadband providers

April 10, 2012



On Sunday the 1st April the ASA issued new guidelines regarding the advertising of maximum broadband speeds.

This move came after Ofcom expressed concerns that consumers where being misled by overly estimated “up to” claims. Good news for frustrated broadband users?

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Well, the new guidelines ensure that broadband providers can now only quote a maximum “up to” speed if they can prove that at least 10% of their customers can achieve that speed; in theory eliminating the frustration caused when users never receive the theoretical maximum they have been sold.

However, although these new guidelines are seen by many as a positive step, there is still concern for the 90% who will still be unable to receive the advertised rate they were hoping for. Especially for ADSL line users as many factors such as phone line quality and peak time usage can affect the performance of this type of service.

As well as this, while many broadband providers have lowered their “up to” speeds to match their top 10% in response to these new guidelines, others such as Eclipse, TalkTalk and O2 have removed all mention of speeds altogether. A move which many feel could cause further confusion for consumers.

So what is the answer for frustrated consumers with slow broadband speeds?

Our recommendation is to contact suppliers directly to find out what they offer in your area, take a look at a postcode checker to get estimated speeds and compare phone and broadband prices to ensure you are receiving the best rates and speeds for your area.

Do you ever receive your maximum broadband speed? Let us know what you think about these new guidelines in the comments section below.

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