Fill up your Rocket today at Tesco and save £38K

November 7, 2011

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Petrol prices have dropped by 2p a litre, thanks to a move by Asda on Friday.  All of the other big supermarket chains have followed suit.  With Tesco offering an extra 5p off if you spend £50 or more on your groceries.

That means the average British driver will save around £4 on a full tank, however a spokesman for the AA has said: “A stronger pound and drop in the value of oil have created the chance to give drivers some respite – but we fear that it is temporary.”

With the temporary nature of these lower fuel prices I thought I’d look at the savings that could be made by stocking up.  Of course stocking up is not aloud so don’t think about trying this at home.

How much would you save if you filled up your bath?

Bath tub

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The average bath tub holds 200 litres, so filling your bath up on a Tesco forecourt would cost you £14 less today than it did last Thursday.

What about a road tanker?

Road Tanker

image Via Wikipedia

The average road tanker has a volume of around 26,000 litres which would give you savings of around £2000.

What about a rocket?

shuttle external tank

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The space shuttle programme is now defunct so you might be able to get an external fuel tank on the cheap.  Although these bad boys are designed for holding liquid gas they have a volume of 553,358 litres meaning if you filled this up at Tesco you’d save about £38,000.

What about an Olympic sized swimming pool?

Olympic Swimming Pool

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You could get around 2,500,000 litres of petrol into an Olympic sized swimming pool saving you a whopping £175,000 in comparison to last week.

What about an oil tanker?

oil tanker

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Filling up an ultra large oil tanker with 320,000,000 litres of petrol would save the UK economy an average of £22m.

Back in the real world, the savings for individuals from this 2p drop are limited and likely to be short lived.  The best way to save money on your petrol costs is to drive less and buy less.  If you do have to drive, drive efficiently and car share whenever possible.

If you have any great tips for using less petrol we’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

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